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Air Cooling Vest(JWF-SJ-01)
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Air cooling vest is one affording body cooling through perspiration by the skin. The fresh ambient air is distributed evenly in the interbedded 3D fabric layers, forms a moving air flow and carries away moisture and heat on body surface. Meanwhile, it speeds up sweat evaporation to lower the temperature for the purpose of relieving body heat stress.

Air cooling vest can reduce the temperature 8-15 directly, suitble for use in the muggy environment. Time of continuous working in harsh environment can be extended effectively.


Air cooling vest is designed specially for policemen to be on duty in high temperature outdoor conditions. It is characterized by comfort and cooling.


   Li-polymer battery is used with adjustable battery gears(five gears).When fully charged, it can be used continuously for 6-7 hours.


It is suitable for use by the police in outdoor high temperature conditions.

Battery parameters

Standard Voltage


Rated Capacity


V Input


V Output


Charging time

6-8 hours

Cycle Count



Motor parameters

Operating Voltage


Rated voltage


Operating Current

0.15Asingle fan


1 .08w

Speed (RPM)

3000±10% RPM

Air volume(CFM)



1000/Hcontinuous operation



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